Concrete Repair in Hopkinton

As a reputable commercial concrete contractor in Hopkinton, Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. takes pride in providing licensed commercial concrete restoration and repair services for projects large or small. If you are a business owner looking for reliable concrete repair, consult with our hardworking and skilled repair crew for services that range from qualified concrete surface repair to certified concrete foundation repair for commercial properties of any type.

Commercial Concrete Experts

Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. provides complete and licensed evaluations to determine the source of the concrete damage with a step-by-step evaluation that begins with a complete visual examination of all concrete components that may include sample testing and advanced technology assessment techniques such as radar, infrared technology. Our qualified concrete and cement repair contractors remove deteriorated concrete contaminants and properly prepare your commercial site in Hopkinton to ensure long-lasting and the most appropriate concrete repair method according to specific requirements.

Concrete Surface repairs

Once the source of concrete surface damage has been determined, Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. gets to work on full repair jobs by cutting damaged concrete, reinforcing steel components and replacing concrete. For partial repairs where steel components remain intact, Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. carries out professional concrete edge cutting along with the application of concrete repair mortar from a skilled team of experts. If your commercial structure in Hopkinton requires concrete surface repair only, a precisely fitted overlay is installed to effectively restore concrete surfaces that are made from the finest quality preparations.

Concrete Crack Repair

Cracks in commercial concrete cannot be left unaddressed to avoid more serious structural damage. Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. promptly identifies concrete cracks that can usually be linked with thermal issues, shrinkage, and a range of other issues. Cement and any cracks in commercial concrete will only worsen over time and eventually lead to water infiltration in addition to overall weakened structural integrity that not only eats away at a structure but threatens the monetary value of your commercial building. Consult with our experts at the first sign of cracks in concrete.

Commercial Foundation Crack Repair

The most important and basic aspect of your commercial building is the foundation which can become compromised over time due to mold, moisture, rot, and cement cracks. Our Hopkinton commercial concrete repair contractors provide:

  • Poured concrete, stone and block foundation repairs
  • Structural repair to concrete cracks
  • Concrete crack filler repair for nonstructural cracks and holes
  • Repair to horizontal cracks on commercial foundations
  • Commercial foundation stabilization repair
  • Licensed concrete repair assessments

Concrete Structural Repairs

Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. concrete crack contractors in Hopkinton use a range of concrete fillers to secure your commercial structure that includes epoxy injections that restore concrete strength following a thorough flushing out to remove all contaminants. In certain cases where concrete damage is extensive, we replace old concrete with new installations under careful conditions. Our extensive experience as concrete slab contractors ensures that structures are completely and safety stabilized before concrete removal and replacement.

For more information regarding concrete repair at your commercial location in Hopkinton contact Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. for:

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  • Fully Licensed and Insured Concrete Repair Specialists
  • Organized and Efficient Crews
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