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Excavation and Drainage

Before you can begin construction, you need to bring in an experienced excavation team to prepare the site. Using specialized techniques, we will perform a complete site assessment and determine the services you need. From drains and gutters to leveling and excavating, Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. offers a complete range of services designed to prepare your site for construction.

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A Range of Excavation and Drainage Services

No project can begin without proper excavation and site development. The first order of business on any project is to determine the elevation of the ground water table and determine the best way to prevent water from ruining a well-designed property improvement. We accomplish this by incorporating French drains, absorption drains, roof/gutter drainage, filling/grading, retaining walls, and tree/stump removal. Once, the water/drainage is accounted for, we are ready to begin creating your own personally designed outdoor/indoor living space.

Comprehensive Drainage Assessments

We work with a broad range of customers. Some are residential homeowners who have recently discovered large quantities of water on their property, or worse, in their homes. Others are commercial developers who require drainage analysis and custom-built drainage systems to lower the water table and prepare a construction site. Others simply require a replacement or repair on an existing drainage system to meet their changing needs.

Whatever your needs, we are the drainage contractor you need to contact. We bring years of engineering and site preparation experience to the job. Our land assessments have been used by companies and individuals throughout the region to make informed decisions about their property.

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Drainage System Installation Services

Once we have determined the nature and extent of your drainage problem, we'll be well-placed to come up with a viable solution. We can install above-ground area, or surface drains that are designed to collect rainwater, sprinkler runoff, gutter downspout runoff, and more. We can also install French drains in order to redirect groundwater away from the foundations of buildings.

The type of drain you need largely depends on your property. We will help you determine what kind of drainage system you need by performing a complete site analysis. Call us now!

Excavation Services

Are you preparing a site for construction, building a pool, leveling a driveway, or renovating your home's exterior? You need a qualified and certified excavation contractor. Using the latest technology, our team will make all the required calculations and excavate the site accordingly. At Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc., it's all about efficiency and accuracy.

Our excavation team is fully insured and certified. We are a professional team that works quickly to get on with the next stage of your project. Excavation services are perfect for:

  • Pool construction
  • Foundation construction
  • Site preparation
  • Driveway leveling
  • Drainage system building
  • Digging trenches
  • Demolition services

If you are in need of excavation services for your next project, call the professional team that's guaranteed to do the job right. Get a quote now!

Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc.

Excavation and Drainage Specialists

Excavation and drainage are essential parts of every construction project. Careless work can cause massive problems for the property in question. Don't settle for anyone but a specialist. We provide accurate site assessments and site preparation services that will give you peace of mind. Keep the water away from your property with excavation and drainage from Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc.!

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