Concrete Repair in Medfield

Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc.’s commercial concrete repair contractors provide certified repair and restoration of all commercial concrete installations, buildings and any concrete structure in Medfield that has been damaged due to a range of reasons that may include:

  • Concrete aggregate expansion
  • Thermal concrete damage
  • Freeze thaw concrete deterioration
  • Chemical concrete damage
  • Bacterial corrosion in concrete
  • Radiation concrete damage
  • Concrete abrasion
  • Concrete damage due to impact
  • Soil erosion and other concrete problems

Commercial Concrete Repair Services

Whether you require expertly applied concrete filler for cracked concrete surfaces, concrete foundation repair, or complete concrete restoration for your commercial property in Medfield, our skilled and experience team provide reliable and prompt masonry services that includes a full range of concrete work.

Parking Lot Concrete repair – Benefit from the expertise of a team of experienced concrete repair contractors for parking lot and parking garage repairs at your commercial facility in Medfield. Our licensed crews provide accurate and honest evaluations along with skilled concrete surface repair that ensures the safety of visitors and employees along with smooth running traffic at your business location.

Commercial Foundation Repair – Commercial foundations require the expertise of reputable Medfield contractors experienced with heavy duty piles and the ability to work around business hours to avoid disrupting daily business activity. Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. repairs commercial foundations for structures of any type and size that restore structural security and peace of mind.

Retail Plaza Interior and Exterior Decks – Cracked concrete in retail complexes not only runs the risk of evolving into a slip and fall claim, but can significantly diminish visual appeal and customer confidence. Ensure the safety of a commercial complex in Medfield with a complete and licensed inspection from local masonry contractors experienced with concrete restoration and the professional repair of concrete cracks.

Demolition and Excavation – Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. experts can efficiently clear your commercial property and prepare and excavate for any construction project according to your specifications.

Waterproofing – Flooded commercial basements can result in major repair costs if signs of mold and mildew exist or when water infiltration issues are left unaddressed. Protect your commercial buildings in Medfield with our proven water and weather proofing techniques that keep moisture out and address any drainage issues.

Commercial or Municipal Infrastructure – Heavy and constant traffic eventually cause concrete cracks and other structural hazards. Consult with certified commercial masonry contractors to receive a full range of proficiency from experts who understand every aspect of concrete deterioration, corrosion and water problems. Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. specialists provide accredited services to either municipal administrators in Medfield, or private business and property owners to address all forms of concrete repair for commercial infrastructure of any kind.

Concrete Repair Expertise

Restoring and repairing concrete at commercial locations is best handled by a professional masonry contractor offering a wide ranging knowledge to address all concerns. Our qualified crews are experienced with stone, brick, and cement in all types of commercial concrete installations. Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. uses the latest equipment including HEPA vacuums and filters, shotcrete pumps and automated chipping machines, as well as professionally formulated mixes and a range of high-quality concrete repair products.

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