Masonry Construction in Medfield

Specializing in stone, brick and cement construction, Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. is a commercial masonry contractor in Medfield that prides itself on offering high-quality materials with licensed expertise and quality craftsmanship. Whether your requirements include paving, balustrades or window surrounds, exterior steps, patios or masonry repair to exterior stonework, our certified and experienced team of masonry workers apply stone finishing techniques and customized construction to blend in with your existing architecture or provide skilled recommendations for entirely new constructions.

Trustworthy Construction Partners

We have developed associations with the best builders in Medfield that include general contractors, architects, engineers and carpenters to provide a complete line of building and services for any commercial project in virtually any industry.

What Can I Expect From a Commercial Masonry Contractor Near Me?

Consult with our experienced team of masons for stone and brick masonry construction services that include:

Stone Facades – Whether you require traditional or contemporary design, the professional masons at Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. provide years of experienced with stone facade installation. Visit our gallery of past projects on this site and contact us at our office in Medfield to learn more about preserving or upgrading stone and brick exteriors that provide your business with a distinctive look and superior structural stability.

Masonry Wall Construction – Masonry wall systems are highly effective as strong cladding systems that can enhance aesthetic appeal while reinforcing the structural frame of your commercial building in Medfield. Discuss your plans and ideas with an experienced Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. mason to design various patterns on exterior walls that also increase fire resistance.

Brick Masonry Construction – A specialized craft with hundreds of years of history behind it, today’s bricklaying techniques combine the proven methods of the past with modern brick masonry technology. From historical restoration, to modern new brick constructions, Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc.’s professional bricklayers have installed brick veneer facades for a variety of commercial projects across the Medfield region that offer visual appeal and extra insulation.

Benefits of Masonry Wall Constructions

Superior Thermal Performance – Masonry that is exposed to sunlight absorbs heat rapidly spreading it to the surrounding wall components and can also alternate and cool down quickly when shaded. The local Medfield masonry contractors at Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. provide qualified advice for the most suitable insulation maximum energy performance.

Noise Reduction – Masonry wall installations offer exceptional sound insulation compared to less durable wall systems due to its obvious heavier mass and accompanying high-quality insulation.

Fire Resistant – Masonry offers significant protection from fire and is typically recommended for firewall construction.

Easy Maintenance – Masonry walls that are constructed by certified and experienced masons can last up to a century or more with minimal maintenance. The skilled Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. team provides regular replacement of expansion joints, window surround and wall flashing repair at regular intervals to protect your investment and commercial property in Medfield.

Certified Masonry Repair

Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. also provides skilled masonry repair for the facades and all components of any commercial building in the Medfield area including repairs to condominium and apartment complex exterior facades and balconies, openings, wall anchors, parking lots and more. Building owners may consult with our masonry construction experts for preventative maintenance and certified inspections that adhere to local building code standards.

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