Concrete Repair in Wellesley

If the concrete surfaces on your Wellesley commercial building are no longer safe due to settlement or other concrete damage issues problems, contact a licensed commercial concrete repair contractor to get Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. specialists on the job for skilled and efficient repair of:

  • Cracked Brick Mortar – Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. experts fix weakened and failing mortar joints with concrete repair mortar that incorporates specialty solutions customized for commercial concrete, brick or block masonry walls.
  • Concrete Cracks in Driveways, Parking Lots and Concrete Slabs – Also recognized as skilled concrete slab contractors in Wellesley, our qualified and experienced workers apply heavy duty concrete crack filler formulas made up of a polymer base that is adjusted to both the interior and exterior of your commercial property.
  • Damaged Railings on an Unstable and Cracked Concrete Surface – Once concrete crack repairs have been completed, efficient Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. crews repair attached railings and make any additional concrete repairs with superior grouting material used to reinforce and solidify bolts and railings to concrete surfaces.
  • Pitted or Flaking Concrete Slabs – Consult with our experienced specialists for flawless concrete surface repair to restore flaking concrete to its original condition with professional applications that do not alter thickness.
  • Broken Concrete Steps – Consult with skilled cement repair contractors for professional repair for damaged concrete steps at your commercial location in Wellesley using fast-acting solutions that increase strength and impact resistance.
  • Cracks in Commercial Foundations – We use the latest technology and our team of trained experts to provide the most cost effective solutions for damaged and sunken concrete that includes slabjacking techniques that lift and restore commercial foundations, or piering to stabilize concrete slabs.
  • Waterproofing Problems – Consult with Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. commercial concrete specialists promptly at the first sign of water leaks to masonry walls and commercial flooring. Our licensed crews apply superior strength solutions that repair cracks and eliminate water infiltration.
  • Uneven Concrete Slabs – Don’t replace concrete slabs if you don’t have to. Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. provides certified evaluations to level uneven concrete slabs and restore imperfections for cost savings and added durability.

Concrete Repair Solutions Customized for Any Business

When concrete is damaged at your commercial location in Wellesley and you need help fast, contact Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. for a range of services that include:

  • Concrete paving
  • Concrete flatwork
  • Concrete removal and replacement
  • Concrete resurfacing and repairs
  • Concrete sealing
  • Concrete crack repairs
  • Commercial foundation repairs
  • Parking garage and parking lot repairs
  • Sidewalk and stair repairs

Why Choose Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. for Your Concrete Repairs?

Whatever the industry or specific nature of your business in Wellesley, Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. offers licensed and insured commercial concrete repair crews who are trained and experienced with virtually every aspect and application of concrete construction and repair. We handle every aspect of your repair project, large or small, in a professional manner and ensure that all is properly managed and completed on time and on budget. Experienced, organized and respectful, our skilled workers offer concrete expertise, helpful recommendations and honest evaluations for concrete repair that is completed with minimal disruption to your daily business activities.

Contact us for a free commercial concrete repair estimate and for answers to any questions you may have.