Masonry Construction in Wellesley

No commercial masonry project is too big or too small for the brick, stone and block construction specialists at Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc.. Our team of licensed and insured commercial masonry contractors provides the highest quality craftsmanship combined with advanced industry technology and old fashioned customer care. With extensive masonry construction experience in virtually every industry, visit the gallery of photos on this site to view the work we’ve completed with trusted partners and general contractors on hotels, banks, business offices, historical sites and more.

Brick Facade Installation

In the past, brick and stone typically functioned as the main structural support for the exterior walls of a building. Today, many commercial building owners or managers opt for decorative brick or stone facades that also offer weather protection. Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. masonry workers install brick or stone facades of varying thicknesses that are either secured or adhered to existing siding and are complete fire and water resistant. Today’s stone veneers provide decorative and practical benefits as well as noise reduction and energy savings. Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. customizes brick and stone veneers that are available in a range of colors and textures and works closely with commercial clients to adapt the most suitable stone thickness according to requirement with additional structural support is needed.

Masonry Wall Construction

Usually the most solid part of any commercial building, a properly constructed masonry wall provides many years of protection and also helps to insulate and regulate interior temperatures that offer significant savings in the long run on both energy and maintenance costs. Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. offers a range of masonry wall construction according to your commercial building type in Wellesley that includes:

Reinforced Masonry Walls – Capable of withstanding excessive amounts of compression, pressure and tension, Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. experts build reinforced masonry walls that are either load bearing or non-load bearing and full reinforced both horizontally and vertically for superior structural security.

Hollow Masonry Walls – Constructed to protect a building from moisture related problems, this type of masonry cement wall includes a space in between the outside and inside that stabilizes temperature control.

Composite Masonry Walls – As the name suggests, a composite masonry wall is comprised of both stone and brick. Reasonably priced, this type of wall offers unique textures and extra visual appeal to enhance the exterior of your commercial building in Wellesley.

Commercial Masonry Project Planning

As a reputable masonry company in Wellesley, Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. provides a full range of masonry services that include brick masonry, masonry repair and masonry wall construction. Our qualified team applies knowledge and the right equipment and materials to each commercial masonry installation that provides both practical and aesthetic benefits. Brick masonry construction is expertly installed with a solid drainage plane in order to eliminate water infiltration and is fitted with a waterproof barrier prior to the installation of brick facades. Our certified specialists carefully design each aspect of each commercial project that also includes work scheduling and budget planning.

To learn more about how masonry construction can add protection and cost savings to your commercial building in Wellesley, contact Lyon Landscape Nursery, Inc. with any questions you may have today.